Please review my pricing and logistics before scheduling an Appointment:

  • Fees:
    • Initial consultation is free for all services.
    • If we mutually decide to move forward in our work together after the initial consult, you will be sent intake paperwork which must be completed before our first paid appointment.
    • My standard fees for services after our initial consult are $160 per 50-minute individual counseling or coaching session, $210 per 90-minute dyad session, and $300 per 90-minute group session.
      • For those who need it, I offer a sliding scale of $160-$110 per 50-minute individual counseling or coaching session, $210-$150 per 90-minute dyad session, and $300-$175 per 90-minute group session.
      • Not sure what amount to pay? Go here for guidance. The sliding scale guide is in reference to my course fees, but can be clarifying and generative when thinking about what to pay for any services offered at a sliding scale, here or elsewhere.
      • If utilizing the sliding scale, you have the flexibility to choose your fee within the given range for each session, and the option to change it from session to session. Alternatively, you can opt for autopayment at a consistent rate.
      • Mediation, reparative processes, prep for such sessions, and training sessions often last more than an hour for individuals, or longer than 90 minutes for pairs and groups. We’ll discuss this during your free consultation. If a session goes beyond the estimated time, the additional time will be prorated rounded to the nearest 15 minutes based on your chosen rate.
      • I do not accept insurance. This ensures your privacy, reduces the need for diagnosis, and provides more flexibility in our work together.
  • Telehealth/Online sessions are available:
    • Monday-Friday, 9 am- 5 pm MST.
    • I use for all video sessions and appointments for a high level of data security and HIPAA compliance.
  • In-Person sessions are available:
    • In North Boulder on Fridays only from 9 am – 5 pm.
    • The office address will be provided when you sign up for your appointment.
    • When you arrive, please park in the gravel lot in front of the main house, or on the street.
    • The office is the smaller building to the left of the house if you are facing it, set back from the road. Please wait outside when you arrive, and I will come out to get you at your appointment time.
    • It is sometimes an option for me to drive to your location for in-person group sessions/trainings.  I bill 1/3 of your selected hourly rate for my travel time.

Schedule Your Consultation or Appointment Below:

Note: My scheduling system automatically handles time zone differences, so you don’t need to worry about converting times. I operate in Mountain Standard Time (MST), but the system will adjust your appointment to your local time zone. Both of us will receive a confirmation with the correct time, respective to our time zones.