PNVC Coaching Sessions

Book a 50-minute individual coaching session with Ki in Power-Conscious Nonviolent Communication.

50-Minute Coaching Session Fees:
$110-$160 standard rate/gift economy for non-students
$85 for current and former students
(No insurance is accepted, but a sliding scale is available)

Ki offers 50-minute individual coaching sessions in Power-Conscious Nonviolent Communication. These sessions are supportive of connecting people to their feelings and needs, as well as helping them connect with the feelings and needs of others, all while considering the sociocultural and intersectional contexts surrounding the relational situation. Coaching sessions may be most supportive of those who have a framework in compassionate communication, though this background is not required. Coaching sessions are recommended for those who hold the intention and desire for connection, rather than correction or perfection.

Click here to schedule a session. Need help discerning how much to pay? Look here for a guide.

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