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The 12-Week Power-Conscious Nonviolent Communication Course, “Language for the Open-Hearted Warrior,” is offered at four different tuition rates. This approach is designed not only to accommodate a variety of financial situations but also to challenge binary thinking and embrace the complexity of intersectional power dynamics. By offering multiple rates, I also aim to cultivate a gift culture rooted in reciprocity and mutual support, counteracting the norms of supremacy culture. Your choice of rate should reflect both your current financial ability and your commitment to fostering a community where resources are shared equitably and responsibly. For guidance on choosing the right rate, please visit my sliding scale guide.

Please be aware that the number of spots available at the reduced rate is limited. I kindly ask that you select this options only if you genuinely need financial assistance, ensuring these spots remain available to those who most need them.

Important Registration Information: A $50 deposit will be charged upon registration to secure your place in the 12-week course. This deposit will be refunded if the instructor needs to cancel the course due to any unforeseen circumstances. The balance of your tuition fee is due on the first day of class. If paying the full tuition in one full payment presents a barrier to your enrollment, contact me directly to discuss a personalized payment plan that suits your needs.

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